Campground Expansion – RV Storage – RV Rentals- RV Sales and Service. Located in the heart of Central Florida

Wildwood RV Village - Construction Has Begun!

Wildwood RV Village – Construction Has Begun!

American Adventures RV

American Adventures RV


Campground Expansion – RV Storage – RV Rentals- RV Sales and Service! Located in the heart of Central Florida!

WILDWOOD, FL, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2019 / — The Wildwood RV Village Campground, Wildwood FL.; located off I75 Exit 329 / State Rd 44. expansion of 400 plus sites have begun and when completed will boast over 600 Sites!

It's truly a one of a kind location in the heart of Florida! Not only are owners Mandy Alonso and Mike Wood building up the ‘Old Wild West’ theme of the Wildwood area, but the Wildwood RV Village Campground will provide an onsite concierge service to all of the campground guests. Which includes, Onsite RV mobile service,a free safety inspection, and discounts on parts and accessories. Plus for those whom would like to stay in the area and not pay the price of a hotel, can stay in one of our onsite RV Rentals. The prices are very reasonable, rentals range in size from 20ft – 40ft. Owner Mike Wood states “This way any family can camp and enjoy the adventure lifestyle, accommodations include onsite pool, wifi, cable, recreation center, plus you have so many great central florida attractions to visit right down the road from us. “

Owners Mandy Alonso and Mike Wood are also buying another 20 acres across from the Wildwood RV Village Campground and plan to build a 800 bay storage facility to accomodate RV’s , Cargo Trailers and Boats. Not only will this accommodate the lack of RV Storage in the area, but will also include a free service inspection to ensure your RV is going strong for when your ready to start your RV Travels again. Plus each will receive a discount off their stay at the Wildwood RV Village Campground.

The American Adventures RV Dealership located at the Wildwood RV Village Campground is in full swing and operational from a show perceptive. The Sales facility should be complete before the end of 2019. Owner Mandy Alonso states “ Whether it's selling you an RV or providing onsite service for your RV, the American Adventures RV Team are here to serve you!”

Owners Mandy Alonso and Mike Wood , strive to provide the service that their customers and employees deserve.

Please Contact Jennifer Germain for more information
Phone; 352-446-2001 / /

882 East State Rd
Wildwood, Fl 34785

Jennifer Germain
American Adventures RV
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Rahim Hassanally promotes ongoing work of leading U.S. cancer charities

Rahim Hassanally

Philanthropist Rahim Hassanally takes a closer look at top-rated cancer charities and nonprofit organizations, as outlined by CharityWatch.

FAIRFIELD , CALIFORNIA, USA, June 14, 2019 / — From the Cancer Research Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, businessman and philanthropist Rahim Hassanally, an automotive industry professional based between California and Texas, takes a closer look at some of America's leading cancer charities.

"Top-rated by CharityWatch, charities and organizations such as the Cancer Research Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation generally spend more than three-quarters of their budgets on programs," reveals Hassanally, "and spend $25-or-less to raise every $100 in public support."

The same charities are also confirmed as not holding excessive assets in reserve, and have met CharityWatch's governance benchmarks, according to Hassanally. Other organizations and charities top-rated by CharityWatch include the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

"CharityWatch, formerly known as the American Institute of Philanthropy, was created in 1992 to provide information regarding the financial efficiency, governance, accountability, and fundraising efforts of charities in the United States," Hassanally explains. "It remains America's most independent and assertive charity watchdog," he adds. CharityWatch, according to the organization itself, is wholly dedicated to exposing nonprofit abuses and advocates in the interests of donors.

"From the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, these and other, similar charities, organizations, and foundations are all absolutely vital in raising funds for research into the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and cure of many forms of cancer, both here in the United States and globally," says Hassanally.

A devoted advocate for breast cancer awareness, philanthropist Rahim Hassanally is a keen supporter of a wide range of nonprofit charities and organizations, and has further contributed heavily toward national and international disaster relief efforts in recent years. Hassanally also frequently contributes toward his local air force base and homeless shelters.

"I believe that it's important," he adds, wrapping up, "that we all give what we can, including volunteering our time, to the nation's many invaluable cancer and other charities and foundations, plus regional good causes and initiatives dedicated to supporting our local communities."

Rahim Hassanally is a Governor of California appointed Department of Motor Vehicles New Motor Vehicle Board member, a member of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers, and a board member of the American International Automobile Dealers Association. An accomplished sportsman, a keen advocate for breast cancer awareness, and a supporter of a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, charities, and other good causes, Texas-native Hassanally's professional accolades include making the Automotive News 'Top 40 Under 40' list and receiving recognition as the 18th annual Urban Wheel Awards 'Urban Dealer of the Year.'

CharityWatch is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, or for further details on the rating criteria and methodology to which CharityWatch adheres, visit

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Saint-Gobain to bring Farécla into the Refinish Solutions Group (RSG)

Farécla joins RSG

Farécla joins RSG

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, June 14, 2019 / — Refinish Solutions Group (RSG) is pleased to announce Farécla, one of the largest polishing compounds manufacturers world-wide, as a new member of the alliance. Founded in 1952, Farécla is recognized for its premium, superior products in surface finishing. The brand name Farécla is a combination of French words meaning ‘shining’ and ‘bright’ – their products have been living up to their name ever since.

Refinish Solutions Group (RSG), an initiative by Saint-Gobain, has established itself as an alliance of industry leaders that leverage their core expertise to help collision centers optimize refinish processes to improve profitability. The addition of the product portfolio from Farécla, combined with the extended sales team of RSG, provides players of the collision repair industry with great access to a one-stop, comprehensive refinishing solutions system to increase productivity, reduce cycle time, and improve quality.

“Saint-Gobain acquired Farécla late 2018”, says Ron Cuccia, North America National Sales Manager, Automotive Aftermarket, Saint-Gobain Abrasives. “We are excited by the increased focus on collision repair and the technical expertise Farécla brings to engineer new solutions for the automotive market”.

Additional details regarding the official launch and process for ordering Farécla products will be coming soon.

Refinish Solutions Group (RSG) is an initiative driven by Saint-Gobain to deliver cutting-edge process solutions and best practices training programs that allow shops and technicians to stay up-to-date with the latest repair and refinishing technologies and advancements. The Refinish Solutions Group seeks out partners that offer high quality products and expertise with top-level customer service in efforts to bring the best of the best for the convenience of one-stop shopping.

A UK -based company within the Saint-Gobain Group, Farécla Products Ltd manufactures surface finishing products which are used on a wide variety of substrates across multiple market sectors.
From compounds and applicators, microfiber cloths and other workshop ancillaries, Farécla has provided surface finishing solutions to automotive body shops, detailers, boat builders, wood workers, composites manufacturers and GRP molders since 1952, and its products are now sold in over 120 countries worldwide.

Ashlee Voyiatzis
Saint-Gobain Abrasives
+1 508-795-2061
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Reliabilityweb Welcomes Aquitas Solutions as New Advocate, Announces Mia Hewett as the WIRAM Speaker at MaximoWorld-2019

Women in Reliability and Asset Management

WIRAM welcomes Aquitas Solutions as new advocate

Women in Reliability and Asset Management (WIRAM) is a professional peer group for women in the reliability and asset management fields.

Aquitas is proud to be an official Advocate of the WIRAM group, and we look forward to doing our part to contribute to its ongoing growth and success”

— Maddy Hawkins

FORT MYERS, FL, US, June 14, 2019 / —® and the Association of Asset Management Professionals are pleased to announce that Aquitas Solutions has signed on as an advocate for Women in Reliability and Asset Management (WIRAM) and that Mia Hewett will be the WIRAM speaker at MaximoWorld-2019.

Aquitas Solutions is a MaximoWorld sponsor and a leading provider of EAM and IoT solutions that optimize asset intensive industries. Maddy Hawkins, Director of IoT Sales at Aquitas, has said that “WIRAM creates a networking environment that was sorely lacking in our industry of reliability and asset management. As an active participant since the group was first introduced, I have seen it grow stronger every year, inspiring its members through empowering and intellectual presentations and gatherings. Aquitas is proud to be an official Advocate of the WIRAM group, and we look forward to doing our part to contribute to its ongoing growth and success.”

Mia Hewett is an international speaker, world-class leader and performance catalyst. Her presentation, “How to Stop Secretly Struggling and Become the Confident Leader You Were Born to Be,” reflects her desire to help leaders who know that they are capable of more but don’t know why they aren’t achieving results, and who worry that they might not be good enough to reach their goals. With a specialty in achieving results, Mia’s aim is to support leaders as they move from good to great, and from great to unstoppable.

Women in Reliability and Asset Management (WIRAM) offers women working in the reliability and asset management fields a professional peer group, a chance to expand their networks, opportunities for local group leadership, and provides opportunities to enhance their leadership skills. WIRAM members can also take advantage of opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, join face-to-face roundtables at industry events, access thought leadership, and provide mentorship to STEM students.

MaximoWorld-2019, A Reliabilityweb Event, is a conference and trade show for those looking to network and advance their asset management or digitalization journey within the MaximoWorld community. This year’s event will take place August 6-8th at the Walt Disney Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida and will include a pre-conference benchmarking round table and user group meetings held on Monday, August 5th, prior to the opening of MaximoWorld. For more information, visit

About the Association of Asset Management Professionals

The Association of Asset Management Professionals or as we like to call it AMP (formerly the Association for Maintenance Professionals) has a mission to create a new era for the practice of maintenance reliability in the context of asset management for organizations to enhance the delivery for the triple bottom line of economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

AMP offers the Certified Reliability Leader® and Certified Maintenance Manager™ exams. AMP is also the umbrella organization for WIRAM.

For more information, please visit®, Uptime® Certified Reliability Leader® and Certified Maintenance Manager™ are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Reliabilityweb, Inc. in the U.S.A. and in several other countries. The trademarks, brand names, and company names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners or other third parties.

Terrence O'Hanlon CEO
+1 239-333-2500
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Michigan Mesothelioma Now Urges a Construction or Skilled Trades Worker in Michigan With Mesothelioma to Call for Instant Access to Attorney Erik Karst of Karst von Oiste-Super Hard-Working Compensation Lawyers

“We are urging a construction worker or skilled tradesman anywhere in Michigan who has mesothelioma to take their compensation very seriously and to call us anytime at 800-714-0303-we can help.”

— Michigan Mesothelioma Victims Center

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, June 14, 2019 / — The Michigan Mesothelioma Victims Center is urging a construction worker or skilled tradesman who has recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma anywhere in Michigan to call them anytime at 800-714-0303 for instant access to attorney Erik Karst and his remarkable colleagues at the law firm of Karst von Oiste. Erik Karst and his team at Karst von Oiste are committed to seeing that their very valued clients receive the very best possible financial compensation results-and they put in the time to ensure the best possible compensation results

The Michigan Mesothelioma Victims Center says, “We are urging a construction worker or skilled tradesman anywhere in Michigan who has recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma to take their potential financial compensation very seriously and to call us anytime at 800-714-0303. As we would like to explain the best possible mesothelioma compensation settlements are a result of hard-working, and extremely skilled lawyers who specialize in this specific area of the law. It is for this reason we have endorsed the law firm of Karst von Oiste for people with mesothelioma in Michigan and nationwide." https://Michigan.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

If the Michigan Mesothelioma Victims Center had one vital compensation tip for a skilled tradesman or construction worker in Michigan who has been recently diagnosed with mesothelioma or their family members it would be, “Please call us at 800-714-0303 before you hire or a law firm to ensure you are talking directly with attorney Erik Karst and his amazing team at Karst von Oiste. To get the best possible financial compensation settlement for mesothelioma you will need extremely hard-working attorneys who are focused on their client's exposure to asbestos-with an attention to detail. This attention to detail becomes the basis for a mesothelioma compensation claim as we would like to discuss-anytime." https://Michigan.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The Michigan Mesothelioma Victims Center’s services are available to diagnosed person anywhere in the state of Michigan including communities such as Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Warren, Battle Creek, Marquette, Farmington Hills, Lansing, or Ann Arbor.

Aside from their passion about making certain a diagnosed victim in Michigan gets the best possible compensation, they are also focused on medical treatment for this rare cancer. For the best possible mesothelioma treatment options in Michigan the Michigan Mesothelioma Victims Center strongly recommends the following three heath care facilities:

* University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Ana Arbor, Michigan:

* Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute Detroit, Michigan:

* Marquette General Cancer Center Marquette:

High risk work groups for exposure to asbestos in Michigan include US Navy Veterans, auto plant workers, power plant workers, manufacturing workers, plumbers, welders, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, or construction workers. Typically, these types of workers had significant exposure to asbestos during the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s.

According to the CDC, the states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon.

For more information about mesothelioma, please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s website related to this rare form of cancer:

Michael Thomas
Michigan Mesothelioma Victims Center
+1 800-714-0303
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Royton Carr Asset Management – Brexit Causes UK Car Manufacturing to Decline

Royton Carr Asset Management – Dramatic fall in UK car production affects UK GDP in April.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 13, 2019 / — With the threat of a no-deal Brexit looming in March, factories in the UK rushed to build stock of materials causing economic growth to strengthen in February and March. But after the deadline came and went and many factories were shut to safeguard against potential disruption from a hard Brexit, economic growth declined. According to data recently released by the Office for National Statistics, UK GDP dropped by 0.4% in April.

Analysts at Royton Carr Asset Management say widespread weakness in the manufacturing sector in April contributed to the GDP decline, with a fall in car production being the biggest point of concern.

UK car manufacturers have struggled with waning demand from China and the rest of the world as the global economy slows. Some factories have stated that they would slow production due to harsher restrictions on diesel engines while others have made plans to close factories down due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Major car manufacturers brought forward their yearly factory shutdowns from August to April as part of their preparation for a no-deal Brexit. In April, car production declined by 44.5% and during the period from February to April, the rate of manufacturing growth eased from 0.5% to 0.3%.

Royston Carr Asset Management analysts believe the recent economic data indicates that UK economic growth will continue to be subdued for the rest of 2019 and the dramatic fall in auto vehicle production is expected to reverse next month.

Sophie Shen
Tag Leaf
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Source: EIN Presswire Hits 5,000 San Diego Traffic Tickets Served

Ticket fighting service

TicketBust ticket fighting service

For 15+ years, TicketBust has helped California drivers avoid court & expensive attorney fees. This month, their 5,000th San Diego client was served.

We have seen an uptick in the number of tickets served in San Diego. Luckily, TicketBust has a proven process for getting drivers off without going to court or paying expensive attorney fees.”

— Steven F. Miller

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2019 / — There are few things in life more annoying than running late for work and then getting stopped for a traffic ticket. Unfortunately, it is a feeling that almost every California driver has either felt themselves or knows someone who has experienced it. TicketBust is the original ticket buster and has helped tens of thousands of people get their tickets dismissed throughout the State of California.

Since tracking the individual county in which tickets are received and the corresponding services are provided, there have been a handful of counties that stick out as being most common. One of them is San Diego County, where a significant portion of TicketBust clients received their tickets. In fact, on June 5th, the 5,000th ticket received from San Diego drivers came in as a phone call from a person caught speeding on Interstate 5 near Sea World.

It was no surprise that a speeding ticket was the type of citation that was received, since this type of San Diego traffic ticket sent to TicketBust make up approximately 65% of all violations. Additionally, it is no surprise that it occurred in 2019 as the total number of traffic ticket help requests in San Diego received by the company has grown tremendously over the past 6 months.

As TicketBust President/CEO, Steven F. Miller explains, "We have seen a significant uptick in the number of speeding tickets being served in the San Diego community. Luckily for these drivers, TicketBust has a well proven process for getting them off without having to go to court or pay expensive attorney fees."

The process mentioned above is called a trial by written declaration and TicketBust has mastered the process of successfully completing this little-known secret to avoiding traffic ticket consequences. Most people don't read the back of their tickets so they don't realize it is an additional option to the standard 'guilty' or 'not guilty' pleas. Or, if they do learn about it, many people don't even know where to start when it comes to filing a trial by written declaration that would be taken seriously.

However, as more people learn about it and reach out to proven ticket fighter, TicketBust, the greater the likelihood of tickets in San Diego County to be dismissed. The ticket fighting team says that it is difficult to tell if the increase in tickets served in the area means that more tickets are being given, or if it is simply a signal that more drivers are aware of their services. Either way, congratulations to the 5,000 drivers that have had their San Diego tickets dismissed.

About TicketBust

Our Clients Describe it Best!

Here is what one client recently said, “TicketBust cleared me for 3 citations. I highly recommend Ticketbust to anyone whose got a traffic ticket." – Ray

And another client says, "I have used them and found them very professional and honest. I recommended to many friends and family. They all got their tickets dismissed. I highly recommend them." -Lalarukh

Steven F. Miller
+1 858-442-7446
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文化の秘訣はその料理にあります。BejanaRestaurantでインドネシアの味を試し、Market to Table Cookingクラスでご自身のごちそうを準備する方法を学ぶことをお勧めします。”

— カリム・タヤック

NUSA DUA, BALI, INDONESIA, June 13, 2019 / — ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリでは、ゲストの方々にインドネシア料理の美味しさの秘密をご紹介する、リゾートならではの「マーケット・トゥ・テーブル」クッキングクラスとツアーをご用意しています。


「トップシェフ インドネシア」で決勝まで勝ち進んだファイナリストとして知られるマデシェフは、幅広い知識や経験をクラスでも披露。美味しいインドネシア料理 を作るこつはスパイスにあるといいます。「上質のスパイスペーストを作れば、後は自然においしく出来上がります」とシェフ。クッキングクラスでは、ウレカン(石臼のすり石)を使ってガランガルやレモングラス、コリアンダーシード、シャロットなどの新鮮なスパイスをすりつぶしてペーストを作る方法から学んでいきます。すりつぶした材料は炒めることで香りを引き出し、その後ブレンドして様々な料理のスパイスペーストが出来上がります。クラスで作る人気メニューには、豆腐と野菜をピーナッツソースで和えたガドガド、ジャカルタの郷土料理で魚介のココナッツスープソトペスモル、バリのローストチキンとして知られるアヤムベトゥトゥのほか、デザートにはバナナのフリッターピサンゴレンがあります。クラスで作り上げた力作は、シェフと一緒にランチタイムにお楽しみいただけます。

「文化は食にあらわれると言われますが、メインレストランのブジャナレストラン で、スパイスアイランドならではの風味ゆたかなお食事や、マーケット・トゥ・テーブルクッキングクラスで楽しみながらインドネシア料理に挑戦して頂くことで、島の魅力を感じていただきたいと思っています」とカリム・タヤック総支配人は語ります。

クッキングクラスの開催スケジュールやプライベートツアーの企画など、マーケット・トゥ・テーブルに関する詳細はより、もしくはお電話+(62) 361 849 8988までお気軽にご連絡ください。

# # #

ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリについて
エレガントでトロピカルな雰囲気につつまれたザ・リッツ・カールトン バリは、インド洋が目の前に広がる豪華なリゾートです。紺碧のインド洋を臨む279室のゆったりとしたスイートや34棟のバリでもっとも素晴らしいヴィラは、コンテンポラリーなバリニーズラグジュアリーを感じるご滞在を用意しています。ザ・リッツ・カールトンクラブ®をはじめ、ホテルには6か所のスタイリッシュなレストランやバー、エキゾチックな雰囲気をもつスパ、楽しいアクティビティを揃えたリッツキッズをご用意しています。魅力的なビーチフロントのウエディングチャペル、バラエティー豊かな会場や美しいガーデンはバリ島でのお祝いイベントやウエディングパーティーの会場として最適です。充実した設備を整えた催事会場、豪華な会議室、カスタマイズ可能なパッケージ内容、経験ゆたかなオーガナイザーなども、バリ島での各種ビジネスイベントに欠かせません。ビジネスや休暇、ハネムーンなど、ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリは訪れるゲストにいつまでも心に残る思い出のご滞在をご提供します。フェイスブック、インスタグラム、ツイッター、ユーチューブ、リンクドイン、ウィーチャットid: ritzcarltonbaliにてフォローをお待ちしています。

Prhativi Dyah
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Market To Table: Die Enthüllung Indonesiens kulinarischer Geheimnisse

Balinesischer Kochkurs in der Kulinarischen Höhle

Leckere Soto Pesmol

Rijsttafel Dinner in Bejana

Sambals, verschiedene indonesische würzige Soßen

Köstliches balinesisches Satay Lilit

NUSA DUA, BALI, INDONESIA, June 13, 2019 / — Das Ritz-Carlton, Bali bietet einen exklusiven ‘Market to Table’-Kochkurs und eine Tour für diejenigen, die die Geheimnisse der Zubereitung indonesischer Küche entdecken möchten.

Der Kurs wird von Küchenchef Made Karyasa ausgerichtet, der das Team von Bejana, dem typisch indonesischen Restaurant des Resorts, leitet. Am frühen Morgen beginnt die Tour mit einem Ausflug zum stimmungsvollen Markt in Jimbaran. Hier weist Chef Made auf einzigartige Zutaten der Insel hin und berät seine Gäste bei der Auswahl der frischesten Meeresfrüchte und regionaler Produkte. Zurück im Resort gibt es eine kurze Tour durch den Garten des Küchenchefs, um frische Kräuter zu pflücken, bevor der Kochkurs beginnt. In der eindrucksvollen Culinary Cave auf der obersten Ebene des Restaurants Bejana werden die Teilnehmer mit einem Panoramablick über den Indischen Ozean verwöhnt.

Chef Made, Finalist bei "Top Chef Indonesia", bringt umfangreiche Erfahrungen und Kenntnisse in seine kulinarischen Workshops ein. Er erklärt, dass Gewürze der Schlüssel zu einer guten indonesischen Küche sind. „Wenn Sie eine gute Gewürzpaste herstellen, folgt der Rest von ganz alleine“, sagt er. Der Kochkurs beginnt mit dem Erlernen des Mahlens frischer Gewürze, von Galangal über Zitronengras bis hin zu Koriandersamen und Schalotten in einem Ulekan (Mörser und Stößel). Die zerkleinerten Zutaten werden anschließend angebraten, um ihr Aroma freizusetzen, und zu einer Gewürzpaste gemischt, die die Grundlage jedes Gerichts bildet. Zu den Höhepunkten des Kochkursmenüs zählen köstliche Spezialitäten wie Gado Gado – Tofu und Gemüse in Erdnusssauce, Soto Pesmol – Meeresfrüchte- und Kokosnusssuppe aus Jakarta, Ayam Betutu – balinesisches Brathähnchen und eine köstliche Nachspeise aus Pisang Goreng – frittierten Bananenstückchen. Im Anschluss dürfen die Teilnehmer des Kochkurses die Früchte ihrer Arbeit ernten und gemeinsam mit dem Koch zu Mittag essen.
„Es wird oft gesagt, dass der Schlüssel zu einer Kultur in der Küche liegt. Wir empfehlen unseren Gästen, die Aromen der Gewürzinseln in unserem Bejana Restaurant zu probieren und in unserem unterhaltsamen und informativen Market-to-Table Kochkurs zu lernen, wie sie ihre eigenen indonesischen Mahlzeiten zubereiten können“, sagt General Manager Karim Tayach.

Für weitere Informationen zu Kochkursterminen oder zur Organisation einer privaten Market-to-Table-Tour wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Restaurantreservierung unter oder +(62) 361 849 8988.

# # #

About The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.
Located on a stunning beachfront combining with a dramatic clifftop setting, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is a luxurious resort offering an elegant tropical ambience. Featuring tranquil views over the azure waters of the Indian Ocean the resort has 279 spacious suites and 34 expansive best villas in Bali, providing the sheerest of contemporary Balinese luxury. Along the foreshore are The Ritz-Carlton Club®, six stylish dining venues, an indulgent and exotic marine-inspired Spa, and fun, recreational activities for children of all ages at Ritz Kids. A glamorous beachfront wedding chapel, makes an idyllic setting for destination weddings, while a range of outdoor event venue and extravagant spaces provide the perfect scene for celebratory events and wedding reception in Bali. Well-appointed conference venues, luxurious meeting spaces, customizable residential packages and experienced organizers also entice those looking to create inspired MICE Tourism events in Bali. Whether work, pleasure or romance is on the agenda, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is the place to make memories that last a lifetime. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, wechat id: ritzcarltonbali .

Prhativi Dyah
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Genießen Sie frische und beste indonesische Küche in Nusa Dua Bali

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Anaheim Mitsubishi Lowers the Cost of Customers Getting Their Dream Vehicle

Anaheim Mitsubishi Lowers the Cost of Customers Getting Their Dream Vehicle The Dealership Develops an Extensive Selection of Reasonably Priced Used Vehicles

ANAHEIM, CA, UNITED STATES, June 12, 2019 / — For many customers looking at buying a vehicle, there is often a difference between what they want and what they can afford. Anaheim Mitsubishi is working to eliminate this struggle by providing their customer base with an extensive selection of used vehicles, which feature greatly reduced prices. This certified pre-owned vehicle lineup helps drivers get into their dream vehicle for a significantly lower price.

Mitsubishi has always put a focus on providing quality vehicles for as low of a price as possible. “Mitsubishi Motors prides itself on consistently delivering top safety features at an affordable price to ensure our customers receive the best possible value,” said Mitsubishi Motors North America executive vice president and chief operating officer Fred Diaz.

The process of getting a top quality used vehicle, including a variety of pre-owned exotic and luxury vehicles, customers can go onto Anaheim Mitsubishi’s website and look through their current list of reasonably priced inventory. Many of the pre-owned vehicles even feature a three day exchange program, which allows customers to exchange their pre-owned vehicle within three days of purchase if they are unsatisfied with it.

About Anaheim Mitsubishi: Anaheim Mitsubishi is a premier car dealership that serves Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana, Long Beach, and the surrounding areas. The dealership offers a massive selection of vehicles ranging from new SUVs to sporty sedans and more. They also have an on-site Mitsubishi-certified parts and service center to handle routine vehicle maintenance and emergency repairs.

For any additional information, visit Anaheim Mitsubishi at

Roland Perez
Anaheim Mitsubishi
+1 877 221 6581
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Source: EIN Presswire