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WayKen is working harder to proactively promoting its own CNC machining service brand toward the Gobal Market

As one of the most reputable CNC manufacturers in China, we are always promising to provide high-quality CNC machining services for the manufacture of metal and plastic parts for each global client.”

— Founder Raymond

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG, CHINA, February 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — WayKen is an advanced technology company that specializes in the provision of CNC Machining services. The rapid manufacturing company certificated by ISO 9001 meets the needs of several companies within a wide range of industries. Their Customer-base include large scale industrial designers, independent inventors, Medical, Automotive, Commercial, and Aerospace manufacturing companies. WayKen was first incorporated as ShenZhen WeiKe Rapid Prototyping Technology Co. Ltd. and has its headquarter in Shenzhen, China.

The Chinese industry-leading brand has served for over 10 years and has a staff strength of over 100 professionals. Their years of service has afforded the brand a great load of experience and broad knowledge on how to meet the exact specifications of customers. They are committed to exploring the infinity of creation, and dedicated to the satisfaction and success of every designer. Among other brands, WayKen is unique for its customer satisfying services, constant strive for excellence, highly skilled workforce, and its stance on Innovation, Technology, Integrity and Teamwork.

This CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining company focuses on the automation of machine tools using computers, and execution of pre-programmed software. The CNC machining service offered at WayKen corporation ranges from visual design models- custom CNC prototypes or precision machined parts, to full-functioning engineering prototypes and master patterns. They also offer CNC tapping, CNC drilling, turning, and milling for both plastic and metal parts; all on fast delivery. The turnaround period at WayKen ranged between 3 and 9 business days.

They are experts at providing custom plastic machining using different innovative techniques and methods. For plastic CNC machining, we deploy superior equipments, high performance machines, tools and cutters, efficient programming and processing with a large wealth of experience and a culture that seeks only the best.

The machining of different materials come with different challenges and requirements. So plastic machining comes with the peculiar challenges of optical clarity, high tolerances, geometry, and the need to execute finishings with advanced milling techniques.

The yang to WayKen's yin is its topnotch metal CNC machining service. It meets the demand of any complex design specifications for a wide range of metal materials ranging from stainless steel, brass, aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon steel, and copper. They employ the use of EDM or wire EDM for metals with difficult machining tendencies. They also take up secondary operations like painting, powder coating, polishing, anodizing, heat treatment, and sand blasting. The surface finishes on CNC parts are customed to support the aesthetics of the surface and remove tool marks.

After the machining processes, they engage in the evaluation of the processes to ensure the finished job is topnotch. CNC machining is on the list of critical processes in manufacturing. From the production fasteners to metal components, automotive parts, and aerospace components, CNC machining remains vital.

In conclusion, the brand puts design teams at an edge over others with an exact simulation of final product in appearance and function. Within China, they are one of the best CNC machining service provider. Whether for simple parts, several different parts, complex components, or a mix of parts and volume. WayKen is your go-to.
Their team of professionals help to optimize CNC programming, improve machine surface, reduce redundancy, and shorten machining time. The team pays great attention to quality and ensures that every result is excellent.

The state-of-the-art 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines at WayKen are instrumental to the quick running of both options of CNC machining. The machines are manufactured in WayKen's owned facilities, this gives them the total control all through the CNC machining process. Although WayKen focuses on CNC machining, they also provide other related services to give you a one-stop solution to all your manufacturing needs. They not only produce manufacturing components, but also offer advisory and project management services to clients who require such.

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