Top Prototype Manufacturer , WayKen, Looking to Expand Automotive Prototyping Business Opportunities Around the Globe

CNC machining services provider

CNC machining services provider

Custom machined parts

Custom machined parts

WayKen CNC machining factory

WayKen CNC machining factory

Weike is proactively promoting its Automotive Prototyping business around the globe, as well as striving to be the top custom automotive prototype manufacturer.

From day one, the company's core goal has been to become a competitive prototype manufacturer in China and around the world. Providing high-quality custom plastic and metal parts for each customer.”

— Founder Raymond

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG, CHINA, January 15, 2021 / — WayKen rapid, an automotive innovation industry, has been in service for more than 20 years and has been managing various machining projects from prototype to low volume for its clients. The components used for its show cars are a typical mix between prototype models, trial production parts, and production car versions. WayKen Rapid has a highly skilled team with professional and experience to help its clients not only reduce design risks but save production time and costs. They provide a range of services as follows:

• CNC Machining: WayKen CNC machining services go beyond the traditional machine configuration with flexible 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC configurations for precision machined components to ensure designs turn out successfully every time. WayKen CNC machine shops offer a huge selection of automotive parts that meet clients’ exact needs for automotive or other products.

Rapid Tooling: Rapid tooling, is a fast way to pre-produce thousands of plastic parts before mass production, for design optimization, functional testing or pre-production verification. WayKen Rapid offers rapid tooling and low volume injection molding to ensure quality plastic parts a smooth transition from prototypes to production, which reduces manufacturing risks.

• 3D Printing: The complexity of a designs' geometry is no hindrance as SLA and SLS offer solutions to speed up clients’ product development process.

• Optimized Design for Manufacturability (DFM): Discovery of design errors without getting into production. The WayKen rapid technical expertise engineering team offers design optimization, cost-effectiveness, and reasonable proposals that envelope design materials, manufacturing process, and manufacturability.
• Auto Lighting: Focus on the complex details of the optical prototype to achieve the true reproduction of the original design.

• Trial Production: Low volume manufacturing support from prototype to production validation. In the engineering aspect, WayKen Rapid creates engineering prototypes and pre-production components with speed and meets up with the required design optimization functional testing engineering verification and quality certification. In manufacturability, WayKen Rapid accelerates clients’ projects from prototype to production trial runs before moving to manufacture, creating opportunities to save materials and production costs.

• Flexible Products Process: WayKen advances lean production that ranges from professional management to manufacturing process details to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

• NOTE: One-Stop Post Finishing: They also offer services not limited to complete in-housing finishing, including sanding, polishing, blasting, painting, and printing. Other areas include the use of surface treatment techniques, like laser etching, anodizing, electroplating, chroming, chemical finishing, and powder coating.

WayKen rapids also boast of quick response manufacturing of components, including injection molded parts, within 2-3weeks! Manufacturing aluminum molds often use high quality 7000 series aluminum alloys, which have excellent machinability. From its custom machined parts to its trial production, the industry offers the best of services.

About WayKen Rapid Manufacturing Industry
WayKen Rapid manufacturing industry is currently active in over 30 countries with over 200 customers worldwide. Their professional team is based in China and boasts of more than 60 employees and over 5000 projects. For more info, kindly visit

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