DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, March 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is far better to rent a car for your road trip in Dubai rather than hiring a taxi. Do you know why? There are many factors to support this statement. But firstly, it is about the expense. Everyone would always opt to decrease their expense as much during a road trip. You can start to decrease the budget right from the beginning by replacing a taxi with rent a car. Taxis are much expensive when compared to the charges of renting a car.

Another factor that is a huge concern when going on a road trip in a taxi is the addition of a driver. What would you do if your driver is too harsh? There are high chances that your trip might get spoiled if the driver of the hired taxi doesn’t share the same wavelength with the other travelers. Moreover, can you allow the indulgence of a stranger on your road trip? A strange driver also makes a privacy concern if you are traveling with families. So, it would be better if you could rent a car. You would be more free and happier without any worries. And isn’t that what you need on a road trip?

Most car rental offer 24/7 emergency assistance. This ensures your safety. You don’t need to worry about breakdowns half the way.

Moreover, the roads of Dubai are pretty decent, beautiful and safe to drive. So, if you are a motor-head, why should you give up on a chance to drive on those roads?


• ANTI-LOCK BREAKING SYSTEM (ABS): Anti-lock Breaking System is an important safety feature to consider while choosing a rent a car for your road trip. There are high chances that you are going through high-speed limit desert rods and might witness camel-crossings. ABS is essential in such an animal-crossing area they have a great impact on the sudden braking system of the vehicle. The ABS acts to maintain tractive contact between wheels and road surface during the application of brakes. The ABS thus helps in reducing the chances of a skid of wheels on the road.

• ALL-ROUND AIRBAGS: Airbags are another important safety feature that protects travelers inside the cars during an accident. Always choose a car with all-round airbags. They inflate at the moment an accident happens and protects the body of travelers from any hard hits. Airbags are the key components in enhancing automotive safety.

• CRUISE CONTROL: Cruise control helps in setting and maintaining a certain speed limit. It contributes to the safety of passengers by controlling the speed and thus avoiding the chances of an accident.

• CLIMATE CONTROL: The weather in the UAE is very unpredictable. Therefore, climate control is essential to automatically maintain the temperature inside the car according to the atmospheric temperature.

• ALLOY WHEELS: Always try to choose a car with alloy wheels rather than of pure metals. Alloy wheels provide greater strength. Alloy wheels are much lighter and provide better heat conduction.

• GPS NAVIGATION: The chances are high that you are going to an unknown place for a road trip. The feature of GPS navigation is very essential if so as you are not much familiar with the routes. GPS navigation will always help you to find the quickest route and it also notifies the traffic formed in the route.

• A REVERSING CAMERA: Reversing camera would be of great help while parking your vehicle in slots. A good reverse camera sensor the obstacles on your reversing path and alarms you.

• LEG SPACE AND LUGGAGE SPACE: Make sure that the car you are selecting has enough leg space and luggage space according to your needs. A large leg space and luggage space will increase your comfort and they are essential for a long road trip.


Always select a car with necessary features. Look whether you would feel comfortable driving it. Take a test drive before confirming.

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