DriveItAway App Meets Current Car Industry Challenge – "Touchless" Delivered Car Rental with Purchase Option

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DriveItAway Platform Offers "Contactless" App Based Rental with a Purchase Option – No Personal Consumer Interaction or Long-Term Financial Commitment Required

Dealers now are prohibited from selling cars or limited to online sales only…we adapted our rent-to-purchase model to focus on customer needs…social distancing and limited financial commitment”

— John F. Possumato

HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2020 / — DriveItAway, Inc., the industry leader in car dealer consumer focused rental and rent-to-own technology, has adapted its app-based platform to meet the challenges car dealers and consumers face in the current coronavirus environment.

“What we found is that there is still a certain level of replacement vehicle demand out there from consumers whose needs are not being met, particularly in 'stay at home' states, yet both consumers and dealers want to comply with the social distancing laws and not endanger their health,” says John F. Possumato, founder/CEO of DriveItAway, leading this initiative, “nor during these uncertain times, do folks want to jeopardize their financial health, in laying out a large amount of cash or making a long term financial commitment.”

Possumato adds, “Fortunately, our app allows for fully remote "touchless" rental contracting, payment, etc. so no person-to-person physical interaction is required, and our transactions are engineered to be a rent-to-buy model, so we can have anyone drive today with an option to buy at a later time, with a substantial amount of the rental fee going towards the ultimate purchase should they chose to exercise the option to buy”

Indeed, DriveItAway’s program is believed to be the first program of its kind to offer a fully in-app rental with an option to purchase, where any dealer can offer a customer the ability to choose any used vehicle in inventory, and rent it with a purchase option with some or all of the rental payment applied towards the agreed upon purchase price of the vehicle, and have it delivered to the customer’s home, with all contracting, payment and terms inside the app.

John F. Possumato, CEO of DriveItAway, states, “We saw that many car dealers now are prohibited from selling cars or are limited to online sales only, while vehicle rental companies are allowed to do business, so we quickly adapted our rent-to-purchase model to both comply with current state restrictions, and most importantly, focus on the customer needs of a social distancing and limited financial commitment, with remote delivery and an optional buy out where rental payments go towards the purchase price if the option is exercised”

For a consumer, the proprietary DriveItAway program is as easy as 1,2,3 –

1. Pick the vehicle you want out any dealer’s used car inventory online & call, email or text the dealer to establish the all in one monthly fee (which includes insurance and maintenance), and the sale price option, with part of this monthly payment applied and deducted from the sale price, if the purchase option is exercised in the future.

2. The vehicle and monthly rental rate, amount of the rental applied in credit towards the purchase (should the renter want to purchase), and  terms, are placed on the DriveItAway app, where the renter can digitally consummate all rental terms and payment.

3. The clean, disinfected vehicle is delivered to the customer's door – from a distance, the delivery coordinator will validate identity (with the license information in the app), and confirm a vehicle condition walk around….that’s it, no paperwork, no direct contact, no need for close interaction.

The unique DriveItAway program combines the best of a rental, a purchase and a lease, all in one. As a customer, you get the vehicle you choose, make no long term financial commitment, keep your cash, spend nothing on maintenance and repairs, and have the option to buy the vehicle, with a portion of your past payment deducted from the purchase price.

Adds Possumato, "DriveItAway can operate in all 50 states, but does not yet have dealers in many areas of the country. If anyone wants to utilize the program, and their chosen dealer is not yet affiliated with the DriveItAway platform, let the dealer know to contact us – have them call me (856 495 3138) or email me ( directly, and we will on-board them immediately – there is no start-up cost or membership fee to utilize the DriveItAway app or platform to the dealer or consumer, during this crisis period. We are all in this together, let’s all help each other."

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DriveItAway App Meets Current Car Industry Challenge with “Touchless” Delivered Car Rental with Purchase Option

Source: EIN Presswire