Children Bicycle Market 2019 Global Trends, Share, Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2024

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Global Children Bicycle Market
The growth of children bicycle market can be attributed to the growing inclination towards bicycling, as a fitness and sports activity, both by parents and educational institutes. With the modification in lifestyle, cycling is now being considered as a fun/recreational activity, which children prefer doing during their leisure time with friends and family. Cycling is further supported by educational institutes, fitness clubs, and residential societies that have been taking several initiatives to spread awareness regarding the benefits of cycling. In addition to this, bicycles are a great convenient personal mode of transport for students, which help boost their self-confidence and traffic awareness.
In the children bicycle market, it has been observed that children are particularly interested in purchasing bicycles that are manufactured using modern designs and have an illusion of bright colours Further more, most of the best selling bicycles are patterned after popular superheroes, comic characters, sportsmen, and other prominent celebrities. Along with this, kids highly prefer modern bicycles that have lighted wheels, musical horns, and storage baskets, either behind the seats or in front of the handle-bars. The market players operating in the global children bicycle market have been actively introducing modern features in their existing products, which can further help them to capture the interest of their targeted audience and enhance their revenue and business productivity.
Bicycle manufacturers are adopting some special business development and brand promotion strategies, such as organizing events including races, marathon, and different sports competitions that promote cycling among kids. These events enable the kids to know about the new bicycle brands and modern features and capabilities of bicycles. With all such information, kids can better understand which bicycle they should invest in. These events enable the manufacturing enterprises to communicate with kids and innovate the product according to their requirements. Bicycles are cost-effective, efficient, and environment-friendly. A large number of kids and adults still prefer bicycles over the other electric and Fuel-based vehicles.

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Market Segmentation
The global children bicycle market can be analyzed on the basis of product type and application.
Two major types of children bicycles include battery-operated bicycles and traditional bicycles. The growing prominence of battery-operated bicycles can be attributed to the supportive nature of pedals as well as a rechargeable battery backup. Battery-operated bicycles are primarily used for camping and riding activities. In the children bicycle market, manufacturers suggest that these bicycles can be used by children who are 8 years old or above. The market players have started selling their bicycles over the online retail channels to connect with a broad customer base. However, as parents are concerned about their child's safety, they prefer purchasing the bicycles from storefronts, where they can authenticate the product before purchasing.

Regional Analysis
Europe is the dominant region in the children bicycle market. The growth of European children bicycle market can be attributed to improving awareness among people and kids regarding the benefits of bicycling. The rising number of sports events in regions, including Germany, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands is anticipated to have a positive influence on regional market growth. In addition to this, roads have been designed in such a manner that cyclists ride on a different path, which is completely separated from motor riders. This factor ensures the safety of riders. The Asia Pacific children bicycle market is expected to register considerable growth. Bicycles have gained high popularity among young riders in countries, including Japan and China. Also, government organizations are encouraging their citizens to use bicycles.

Industry News
Woom, a leading bicycle manufacturer and retailer, has recently launched a modern range of children bicycles and accessories. The brand is basically aimed at crafting an ideal bike for children. Woom has recently launched six superior-quality and light-weight Woom bikes for kids of all ages, starting at three and going up to 14-year-old young adults. The major focus of the brand is to offer an enhanced riding experience to kids while ensuring their safety.

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Source: EIN Presswire