Quality Resolution Systems Suggests Solutions to Mitigate Ford's Tariffs Losses

Quality Resolution Systems, LLC

Quality Resolution Systems, LLC

Detroit, Michigan consultancy readies to provide Ford the leverage and added competence

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Automakers, including Ford Motor Company, recently shared that they are absorbing substantial loss since President Trump's imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum entering the United States in 2018. Quality Resolution Systems, LLC, a Detroit, Michigan consultancy firm, today advised that domestic supplier connectivity could reshape the industry's culture and mitigate these losses.

The growing trade war between China and America in particular, is creating havoc which threatens jobs and revenue for many industries. Quality Resolution Systems, LLC (QRS) stated there are strategies Ford could implement in their restructuring program. It would require an aggressive shift in operations, but the business model could minimize tariff-generated, losses.

Jim Hackett, CEO of Ford, said in an interview last month that tariffs on imported steel and aluminum will cost Ford $1 billion through 2019.

Although the automobile industry may be looking at smaller countries to avoid the current tariffs, QRS suggested that it’s a great opportunity to seek new partnerships and relationships with U.S. manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

“American supplier connectivity is imperative in reshaping of the current culture,” stated Kiara Thomas, CEO of Quality Resolution Systems, LLC. "National expansion in domestic, business to business transactions could expedite new vehicle releases, increase profits, and more.”

“Exorbitant tariffs defeat the purpose of importing when the cost creates immediate and substantial loss,” stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to Kiara Thomas. “Quality Resolution Systems is ready to deliver solutions that negate brutal, financial losses, and stimulate economic growth.”

Quality Resolution Systems, LLC is a Detroit quality management systems-based start-up company dedicated to bridge functional gaps between corporate and support location operations. QRS works to advance diverse industries through the development of people, processes, and product with the aim of creating a more structured, efficient, and operative workplace. Kiara Thomas, CEO of Quality Resolution Systems, LLC, is also a blogger for with MICHauto, Michigan Auto. For more information, visit http://www.qualityresolutionsyst.com

Detroit, Michigan native, Kiara Thomas says she was born with a passion for the automotive industry. The CEO of Quality Resolution Systems has a focus on Engineering Management, Automotive Technologies & Manufacturing Processes. She has worked for the top OEM Manufacturers and Tier-One Supplier companies for almost a decade. Her experience includes Process Development, Improvement, and Implementation, ISO/TS 16949, Risk Mitigation, Strategic Business Planning, Training & Personnel Development and various problem-solving methodologies such as 8Ds, Red-X, and Six Sigma. For bookings and interviews, please email her publicist, Fran Briggs. FranBriggs@aol.com.

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