ASA Insurance Announces Android Auto is the Way to Go

ASA Insurance, one of the longest serving and trusted providers of home and auto insurance in Salt Lake City, Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2017 / — ASA Insurance, one of the longest serving and trusted providers of home and auto insurance in Salt Lake City, Utah have just announced their selections for best Android Audio apps. If you're not familiar with the term Android Auto, it is simply a means of broadcasting the content of your Smart phone through your vehicle's system. You simply plug your phone into a compatible receiver with your charger cable and you're then able to view your phone content on the larger screen of your car. Although older vehicles will not have the receiver needed for such a transfer of data, there are what are known as "after market head units" that can be fitted to them to enable the use of Android devices. As such, Android Audio is available to everyone, and ASA Insurance has researched and picked what they believe to be the best of the crop.

Vice President and CFO of ASA Insurance Creed Anderson said, "music apps are particularly popular among drivers these days, and as long as the music is played at a volume that is not disturbing to communities or prevents a driver from hearing the sirens of emergency vehicle, can be a pleasurable addition to the solitude of driving. Such apps as Google Play, Pandora, and Spotify are Android Audio compatible, and users can now listen to their playlists while driving."

For those who prefer to listen to something other than music, Mr. Anderson recommends Pocket Casts, with which drivers can listen to their favorite podcasts from their existing subscriptions, allowing you to select the episodes you want to listen to. NPR is another app with which you can listen to podcasts but gives you the additional option of listening to shows, stories or news. For Audio book lovers, Mr. Anderson recommends Audible, an excellent app that allows you to listen to your favorite books.

For sports enthusiasts ASA Insurance recommended At Bat. This app allows users to listen to live events, recaps and other baseball news through your car speakers. Although texting is illegal while driving, there are apps that can help you to listen to your texts as well as send them without having to touch your device. Hangouts and WhatsApp are the most popular Android Audio capable solutions for this, but there are a slew more such as Skype, Telegram, Text Me, Kik, and textPlus that are also worthy of a mention.

"This list is bound to grow," said Mr. Anderson, "as developers are continually adding to the capabilities of Android Auto. Most importantly, they are creating apps in a manner that is designed to make driving not only more enjoyable, but safer as well. This is something that we at ASA Insurance, as providers of car insurance in Salt Lake City, greatly appreciate!"

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Source: EIN Presswire