Pearl Technology Launches Unique Mobile Device Proximity Marketing Platform for Auto Dealers

Pearl Proximity enables auto dealers to target consumers while on competitor’s lot and when they leave

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2016 / — Pearl Technology Holdings, LLC, (Pearl) ( today announced the launch of Pearl Proximity, LLC , (, a new platform that allows auto dealers to target their competitor’s customer base while they’re in the showroom and when they leave. The technology gives a Proximity dealer the ability to circumvent a retail transaction at a competitor’s lot by delivering real time compelling offers via the customer’s mobile device.

New data released by NADA suggests that 83 percent of customers in a dealership showroom will buy within the next two weeks. Proximity allows dealers to market to these customers when they are deep in the buying process. Industry data also shows that consumers today spend an average of 3.5 hours on their mobile devices, making mobile today’s most valuable marketing channel.

“What’s so unique about the tool is that we can track a mobile device when it enters one of our dealer’s target locations and when it leaves,” said Pearl CEO Bruce Thompson. “We deliver a minimum of 20-30 of our dealers’ ads to each device over the course of 2-3 weeks. Proximity delivers to 95 percent of all mobile websites and is integrated with virtually all ad exchanges,” Thompson added. “Nothing is better or more precisely targeted than delivering a compelling marketing campaign while the customer is at a competitor and in the buying process.”

According to Thompson, Proximity also delivers functionality that is superior to any geo-fencing solution on the market today. Because the platform follows all target devices and their browsing activity in real time, Proximity not only tracks all impressions and clicks generated from dealer ad campaigns, but also if the customer eventually showed up at the dealer’s lot. “This is perhaps the most powerful differentiator,” Thompson stated. “Today, the majority of marketing platforms can only track click through rates, but there is no way to really measure their effectiveness. We tell our auto dealers that it is all about in-store visits. Proximity not only circumvents the competitor’s selling area, it delivers the customer to our dealer’s lot at an average cost of $30-40 per in-store visit. There is nothing on the market today that comes close to this type of marketing efficiency,” Thompson said.

Proximity allows dealers to purchase exclusive targets and no other dealer on the network can target that particular competitor. Dealers within the network are also protected, as the network does not allow Proximity dealers to target each other.

Sold on an exclusive first-come-first-served model, Proximity is in high demand. Over 300 targets sold and 150 launched within the first 60-days of release. Sales are accelerating rapidly, with most clients acquiring 5-6 competitor targets. Proximity keeps its client base and targets confidential.

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About Pearl Technology Holdings, LLC

With the formation of American Auto Exchange (AAX) in 2001, auto industry entrepreneur Bruce Thompson became widely known as the creator of the “used car inventory management” space. He went on to start RedBumper, LLC in 2010, which is also primarily focused on “used car inventory management.” RedBumper’s intellectual property was acquired by CDK Global in September 2014. At that time, Thompson formed a new holding company, Pearl Technology Holdings, LLC, created to be an automotive technology incubator. The company’s mission is to create and deliver innovative new tools that have an impact on the industry. Pearl has launched six subsidiaries: NewCar IQ, LLC; VehicleXchange, LLC; eCarTag, LLC; Trade-In Concierge, LLC, ShowroomXpress, LLC and Pearl Proximity, LLC. NewCarIQ, LLC was acquired by CDK Global in January 2016.

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